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Date Title Download File size
22 Sep 2011 SGX offers new features to enhance market transparency 0.06M
07 Sep 2011 Tender results of the 2-year Government Bonds under the Institutional Bond Issuance Programme 0.06M
06 Sep 2011 BM&FBovespa and Shenzhen Stock Exchange Sign Memorandum of Understanding 0.07M
06 Sep 2011 SGX Proposes Revisions to Error Trade Policy on Securities Market for Greater Trade Certainty 0.08M
05 Sep 2011 Update on HKEx's preperations for RMB Products 0.07M
02 Sep 2011 HKEx Updates Investors on Listed Company Information and Related Trading Arrangements 0.08M
02 Sep 2011 中國證監會組織開展期貨市場賬戶規範工作(Chinese Only) 0.25M
01 Sep 2011 SZSE 1000 Index and Other Indices issued and SZSE Scale Index System Established
24 Aug 2011 SFC proposes takeovers-related rule amendments 0.13M
17 Aug 2011 HKMA welcomes Central Government's measures to support 0.05M
06 Aug 2011 證監會有關部門負責人就發佈《關於修改上市公司重大資產重組與配套融資相關規定的決定》答記者問 (Chinese Only) 0.41M
29 Jul 2011 Exchange Fund Abridged Balance Sheet and Currency Board Account 0.05M
21 Jul 2011 Exchange Fund Position at end-June 2011 0.06M
20 Jul 2011 Fund management business continues to grow in 2010 0.22M
18 Jul 2011 HKMEx to Launch Silver Futures Contract 0.26M
11 Jul 2011 Launch of the Reverse Mortgage Program 0.1M
08 Jul 2011 HKEx Consults Market on the Proposals to Reform HKEx Clearing Houses’ Risk Management Measures 0.07M
07 Jul 2011 HKEx to Introduce T+2 Finality on 25 July 0.06M
07 Jul 2011 Regulatory Announcement - SGX proposes circuit breakers in securities market(English only) 0.06M
04 Jul 2011 HKMEx Trading Volumes for June2011 0.3M
30 Jun 2011 SGX securities market trades all day from 1 August 0.05M
27 Jun 2011 Smooth transition of SFC-authorized funds, ILAS to new regulatory regime achieved 0.09M
27 Jun 2011 SGX: Banks to provide market making and brokers to support trading of Singapore government bonds 0.04M
23 Jun 2011 Launch of Spot USD/CNY(HK) Fixing in Hong Kong 0.04M
08 Jun 2011 SGX offers trading of Singapore government bonds 0.04M
03 Jun 2011 SGX Proposes Rule Changes on General Meetings to Increase Shareholder Engagement and Enhance Corporate Governance Practice 0.04M
03 Jun 2011 深交所:持續強化投資者教育,深入推進交易制度創新(Chinese Only) 0.1M
02 Jun 2011 SFC achieves smooth transition for credit rating agencies falling within new regulatory regime 0.08M
01 Jun 2011 SGX Proposes Two Initiatives to Improve Market Transparency in Opening and Closing Trading Routines 0.04M
01 Jun 2011 SGX is world’s first exchange to clear Asian FX forwards 0.04M
31 May 2011 SGX reduces bid size, cuts trading cost 0.04M
30 May 2011 HKEx Publishes Consultation Paper on After-Hours Futures Trading Proposal 0.03M
25 May 2011 SFC consults on legislation to implement short position reporting 0.08M
20 May 2011 HKEx Publishes Consultation Conclusions on Ex-entitlement Trading and Shareholder Approval 0.03M
19 May 2011 Hanoi Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange sign MOU 0.12M
18 May 2011 HKMEx Goes Live 0.09M
06 May 2011 SGX derivatives market adds rubber futures 0.03M
08 Apr 2011 Australian Treasurer Rejects ASX-SGX Merger Proposal 0.03M
07 Apr 2011 SGX Provides Further Comments to FIRB on ASX-SGX Merger 0.03M
05 Apr 2011 Australian Treasurer disposed to reject ASX-SGX merger proposal 0.03M
21 Mar 2011 Know how to trade listed renminbi securities 0.02M
18 Mar 2011 Southeast Asia’s Largest IPO Hutchison Port Holdings Trust Listed on Singapore Exchange 0.04M
11 Mar 2011 2010 survey shows growth in hedge fund assets in Hong Kong
11 Mar 2011 ASX-SGX Merger Proposal Application Lodge with FIRB 0.03M
07 Mar 2011 HKEx's Extended Trading Hours to Begin 7 March 0.02M
02 Mar 2011 Update on HKEx's Preparations for RMB Products 0.05M
23 Feb 2011 Singapore Exchange enhances securities clearing fund structure 0.03M
22 Feb 2011 Partnership to provide extensive suite of tools and solutions to Asian market 0.03M